XRPToolkit (XRP)
Keystone is already compatible with XRPToolkit but it still hasn’t completed the development of its version to become compatible with our Keystone wallet. When XRPToolkit releases a compatible version, we will be sure to issue an announcement and update our tutorials accordingly.

I. Creating an XRP Toolkit Watch-Only Wallet

A. Preparation:

1. Setup your Keystone. (Getting started in 5 steps)
2. XRP Toolkit: www.xrptoolkit.com

B. Pairing a Keystone with the XRP Toolkit

1. Click the [Menu] icon -> [Watch-only Wallet] on the Keystone device.
2. Select [XRP Toolkit] and click [Confirm] -> [Display QR Code].
3. Visit the XRP Toolkit: www.xrptoolkit.com. Select [Keystone] and click [Scan Keystone]. 4. Use the camera to scan the QR code displayed on Keystone.
5. Pairing should be successful now.

II. Sending and Receiving XRP with the XRP Toolkit

A. Preparation

XRP Toolkit already paired with your Keystone.

B. Receiving Ripple XRP

You can use receiving addresses displayed by either the Keystone hardware wallet or XRP Toolkit to receive XRP.
1. Displaying Address on Keystone: touch a receiving address to display it as a QR code.
2. Displaying Addresses on XRP Toolkit: click [Receive] tab to display the receiving address.

C. Sending Ripple XRP

1. Generate XRP transaction on XRP Toolkit
1) Click [Send] tab and input the [Destination], [Destination Tag], [Amount]. Then click [Next].
2) Get the unsigned transaction in QR code format.
2. Using Keystone Hardware Wallet to Sign Transaction
1) Touch the “scan” icon on the top right of the main page on the Keystone hardware wallet. Scan the QR code displayed on the XRP Toolkit interface.
2) Touch [Sign] and enter your password to sign the transaction. (Users can touch [Raw] tab to check the raw data of the transaction. This is very handy to verify the actual signed data.)
3) Get the signed transaction information in QR code format.
Tips: If you have difficulty on QR code scanning, please tap the QR code to adjust the density of the QR code and retry.
3. Using the XRP Toolkit to Broadcast Transactions
1)Click [Next] on XRP Toolkit interface. Scan the QR code displayed on Keystone hardware wallet. Once scanning completed, the transaction will be broadcasted directly to the Ripple blockchain.
2) Select [Account] tab and click the transaction to check the status.
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