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The Keystone device is not able to turn on using AAA batteries.

Keystone device requires AAA 1.5V batteries for proper operation.

If your device is not turning on, please replace the existing 4 AAA batteries with new ones within the valid period. We suggest using rechargeable AAA batteries for better stability and compatibility with our device, but we do not recommend using Amazon Rechargeable Batteries as they may be prone to quick consumption.

Which cryptocurrencies and tokens does Keystone support?

Keystone supports a range of digital assets including BTC, ETH, SOL, NEAR, BNB, POLYGON, APTOS, DOT, KSM, XRP, LTC, DASH, BCH, AR, and TRON. To make it easier to manage your assets, Keystone only displays the main-chain assets. You can add and manage additional tokens via the mobile app. Support for ATOM, and ADA is coming soon. A list of currently Supported Assets and Wallets can be found on our website.

Is it possible to import a recovery phrase generated by a different wallet into Keystone?

Keystone supports 12/18/24-word recovery phrases generated by any BIP39 wallet.

Keystone supports 12/18/24-word recovery phrases generated by any BIP39 wallet.Can I use a different brand of a hardware wallet to recover my assets if my Keystone is lost or damaged?

Keystone requires users to have complete control and ownership of their private keys (recovery phrase). If the Keystone device is lost or damaged, the Secure Element will protect the private keys from being exposed. The Keystone Pro also has a self-destruct mechanism that automatically erases all information, including private keys, if the device is disassembled. Different brands of hardware wallets use different derivation paths, so if you import the recovery phrase into a hardware wallet of a different brand, some of the assets on certain addresses may not be visible or accessible. If your Keystone is lost or broken, it is recommended to recover your assets using a wallet with the same derivation path as Keystone. If you have any additional concerns, please contact the Keystone Support Team. Our administrators will assist you as soon as possible.

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