General Navigation Guide

This page will help you navigate the various features based on your user profile (Beginners, Bitcoiners, Web3 Users, Advanced users).
Please kindly note that this is not a 101 guide on crypto. We assume you already understand basic concepts like seed phrases, private keys, addresses and have some experience with software wallets.


For beginners, the first and ultimate thing you should remember is to NEVER share your seed phrase to ANYONE. Some of the common tricks by scammers include:
  1. 1.
    DM you on social media with our team member's profile to ask you to share your seed phrase or share a website link to collect that info.
  2. 2.
    Buy ads on social media or search engines for their phishing sites to collect your seed phrase or register similar domains expecting you to enter sensitive data.
As a beginner, feel free to follow these tutorials to easily utilize your Keystone hardware wallet with its companion app to achieve 100% air-gapping security when sending and receiving cryptocurrencies.


If you are a bitcoiner, we highly recommend upgrading your Keystone device with the BTC-only firmware since removing all altcoin functinality from the firmware will improve the security for your bitcoin.
After you upgrade your hardware wallet with the BTC-only firmware, you can use it with the following Bitcoin wallets:

Bitcoin Multi Signature

Before you start using Keystone for bitcoin multi-signature, it's highly recommended to fully read the 2 articles below(tutorials):
You can also find detailed multi-signature tutorial for Keystone with other compatible hardware and software wallets on the link provided below:

Web3 Users

If you are a Web3/DeFi/Dapp/NFT/GameFi user, please read this article first about one of the biggest security black holes in Web3.
After you finish reading about basic setting up Keystone and firmware upgrade, you can try out these Web3 integrations:

Advanced users

Please kindly note that the features listed in these part are for advanced users. Make sure you fully understand the terminology and each detail disclosed before using them.
Some extra articles that explain things under the hood:
If you want to add extra protection for your wallet, you can consider Passphrase or Shamir Backup.
One of the core design principles of the Keystone hardware wallet is minimizing the dependency on trust. You can generate entropy by yourself so that you don't need to trust the device's private keys generation process.
If you want to verify the QR code or our firmware, please refer to these articles or our Github repo:
Please be advised that we delete shipping info when it becomes 6 months old. If you have received your product and there are no outstanding disputes regarding it, you can always request to bypass this 6 month wait for an early deletion of your purchase records. Our detailed Shipping Data Retention Policy is available in the link below:
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