Wasabi Wallet

Keystone firmware versions V1.1.1 (BTC-Only) or newer allows you to use Wasabi Wallet V1.1.12.8 or newer as a watch-only wallet.

I. Preparation

1. Firmware version V1.1.1 (BTC-Only) or newer running on Keystone Essential or Pro.

(Please read How to upgrade firmware for more details.)

2. Computer with Wasabi Wallet V1.1.12.8 or newer downloaded.

3. MicroSD card (FAT32 format with capacity NOT exceeding 512GB).

pageHow to Format a MicroSD Card to FAT32?

II. Creating a Wasabi Wallet Watch-Only Wallet (BTC-Only)

1. Insert your microSD card into Keystone.

2. In the Keystone hardware wallet, go to[Menu] > [Settings] > [Watch-Only Wallet] > [Wasabi Wallet] > [Confirm].

3. Touch [•••] > [Export Wallet] > [Export]. Your wallet's master public key file will be exported to the microSD card.

4. Take the microSD card out of Keystone and insert it into your computer.

5. Open Wasabi Wallet on your computer, select [Hardware Wallet] > [Import Coldcard].

6. In the root directory of the microSD card, find the Xpub file and click [Open].

7. Click [Load Wallet].

8. Wasabi can now be used as the watch-only wallet for Keystone.

II. Sending and Receiving Assets with Wasabi Wallet

A. Receiving Bitcoin

You can use receiving addresses displayed by either the Keystone hardware wallet or Wasabi to receive bitcoin.

1. Displaying Address on Keystone

1) On the Keystone hardware wallet, go to [Settings] > [Watch-Only Wallet] > [Wasabi Wallet].

2) Once you enter your Wasabi Wallet interface on Keystone, touch a receiving address to display it as a QR code.

2. Displaying Addresses on Wasabi Wallet

1) Click [Receive] to display receiving addresses.

B. Sending Bitcoin

1. Using Wasabi Wallet to Send Bitcoin

1) Insert your microSD card into your computer while running Wasabi Wallet.

2) Click on [Build Transaction] on the right side navigation bar.

3) Select the UTXOs you want to use, then configure the receiving address, transaction amount, and transaction fees.

4) Click [Build Transaction] in the bottom left of the interface, and check the signed transaction data.

5) Click [Export Transaction] in the lower right corner to export the PSBT file to your microSD card.

2. Using Keystone Hardware Wallet to Sign Transactions

1) Take out the microSD card from computer and insert it into Keystone.

2) Touch "MicroSD card" icon, and open the transaction file.

3) Touch [Sign] and enter your password to sign the transaction.

4) Touch [Export] and the signed PSBT transaction file (awaiting broadcast) will be exported to your MicroSD card's root directory.

3. Using Wasabi to Broadcast Transactions

1) Take the microSD card out of Keystone and insert it into your computer.

2) In Wasabi, click [Open Transaction Broadcaster] > [Import Transaction]. Find out the signed transaction file under the microSD card and open it. Click [Broadcast Transaction] to broadcast the transaction.

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