Keystone Tablet Instruction Guide

Please follow these instructions while assembling the Keystone Tablet.

I. Steps

1. Slide counterclockwise to open the Keystone Tablet.

2. Use the screwdriver provided in the box to unscrew the three screws shown in the picture below, and proceed to insert the letter tiles in the slots provided.

3. Find the corresponding stainless steel letter tiles and place them in their respective slots based on your mnemonic. Insert the first four letters of each word.


1. How do I retrieve the complete word based on the first four letters?

Each empty slot of the Keystone Tablet can be placed in 4 letter slots. According to BIP39, the first 4 letters of each word in the mnemonic list are different. That is, four letters can be used to represent a unique mnemonic. If you encounter a 3-letter mnemonic, you can fill the empty space with the blank side (reverse) of the letter tile. You can view the 2048 mnemonic list here.

2. What should I do if the letters provided are not enough?

The number of letter tiles provided by the Keystone Tablet is calculated based on the probability that each letter will appear in the mnemonic list. However, a small probability that a certain letter is not enough does exist. You can solve the problem via the following methods:

  • The character blocks "b" and "q", "d" and "p", "n" and "u" can be used interchangeably. Please confirm if your problem still exists.

  • Use the blank side of a letter tile instead.

  • Generate new mnemonics and assemble. (The probability that the character block is not enough again is almost zero.)

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