Keystone Mobile App Syncing

Important Note: Please follow the updated tutorial if the firmware version is newer than M-9.8.

I. What is the purpose of the Keystone Mobile App?

As you might already know, the Keystone Hardware Wallet is completely offline and 100% air-gapped, which means it is not connected to the blockchain so it cannot show you how many coins you have not created any transactions on it.

This is where the app comes into play. The Keystone Mobile App is designed to be paired with the Keystone Hardware Wallet to easily view all of your coins and create transactions.

Users can easily pair their Keystone devices with the Keystone Mobile APP via a QR code so your APP would have all of your public addresses associated with your device. The addresses sync up with the blockchain and allow you to view your balances and create transactions.

II. Operation

Preparation: Download the Keystone Mobile App from Google Store or App Store

1. Open the Keystone mobile app and tap [Bind]. Scan the QR code displayed on the Keystone hardware wallet.


1) If you have already initialized your device, Please touch the [•••] icon > [Connect Software Wallet] to show the QR code.

2) If the data is large, the number of QR codes will increase. Please keep scanning until the process finishes. If you have problems scanning due to the size of the QR code presented, please touch the QR code and use the "zoom in/out" tool to help with the scanning process. If you still have problems with scanning, please submit a request to us. Our support staff will reply to you ASAP.

3) The Multi-coin firmware version now also supports creating XRP Toolkit, polkadot{.js}, MetaMask PoC Version, SushiSwap, Yearn Finance, Zapper and Gnosis Safe watch-only wallet. Instructions below:

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4) The BTC-Only firmware version now also supports the creation of Electrum wallet, Wasabi Wallet, Bluewallt, BTCPay Server, Specter and Sparrow watch-only wallets. Instructions are provided below:

ElectrumWasabi WalletEnhance the security of BlueWalletBTCPay ServerSpecterSparrow Wallet

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