Bitget is a decentralized crypto wallet with over 10 million users worldwide. Explore various NFTs, DeFi protocols, and DAOs effortlessly with support for 90+ blockchain networks.

The M-10.0 version of Keystone only supports BTC and ETH through Bitget Wallet, and more chain support is expected in the future. At the same time, the web version of Bitget Wallet will also be integrated with the follow-up.


Never import the recovery phrase generated by the software wallet into the hardware wallet. Instead, ONLY use the seed phrase generated on the hardware wallet. Otherwise, the funds in the hardware wallet will be compromised and irreversibly stolen.

The recovery phrase (also known as seed phrase or master key) gives full access to your cryptocurrency funds. If the recovery phrase falls into the wrong hands, your funds can be easily stolen. Therefore, for maximum security, the recovery phrase should always be generated and stored on an offline hardware wallet and never entered on an internet-connected device.


1. Firmware upgraded to M-10.0 or above. Click here to learn how to upgrade the firmware.

2. Download the Bitget mobile app.

Connect Bitget and Keystone

  1. On Keystone, click the menu button and select "Connect Software Wallet". Find "BitKeep" and select the coins/networks you want to manage. A QR code will be displayed.

  2. Open Bitget Wallet and generate a new dummy wallet by selecting "New Wallet". This way you can access the [Connect Hardware Wallet] button. And choose a 12 or 24-word mnemonic wallet.

  3. Set a PIN code for your Bitget Wallet and verify it. Now the dummy wallet has been successfully created.

  4. In Bitget Wallet, click the avatar in the upper right corner to locate the "Add Wallet" button. Tap "Hardware Wallet" and then tap the [Scan QR Code] button.

  5. You will be prompted to grant the camera access permission.

  6. After tapping [OK], it will ask you to scan the QR code displayed on Keystone. Choose the addresses and accounts you need to access.

Note: Right now, you can use the Bitget Wallet to access BTC and ETH once you've connected with Keystone. We're also working on adding more coins, so stay tuned for updates!

Done! You have successfully imported your Keystone wallet into Bitget!

Looking to learn how to send transactions or add more addresses/assets using Keystone? Click here to access that information.

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