Add labels to Address

The Keystone mobile app supports an address book function, as well as binding multiple Keystone Wallets. You can customize the names of your sending addresses and receiving addresses in your address book and hardware wallets.

I. Customizing Sending Address Names

1. Tap [cryptocurrency]. Tap [Wallet] on the top right of the page.

2. Select the address you need to edit and enter the address page.

3. Tap the name of the address. Tap [Done] when finished editing.

II. Customizing Receiving Address Names in the Address Book

1. Tap [Settings] > [Address Book] > [Add Now].

3. Select an "Asset", then input the address and choose an address name. Tap [Add Now].

4. Tap and hold, then slide to the left to edit the address name again or delete it.

III. Customize Hardware Wallet Names

1. Tap the [Menu] icon at the top left of the main page. Tap [...] and go to the wallet management page.

2. Tap [Change Wallet Name] and rename.

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