Firmware version M-8.2 (Multi-Coin) or newer now allows you to sync the SubWallet Extension (V0.6.7 or newer) with your Keystone device.

I. Preparation

  1. Have Firmware Version M-8.2 (Multi-Coin) or newer running on your Keystone Essential or Pro. (For more details, please refer to the following article)

  2. Download the SubWallet Extension (V-0.6.7 or newer).

II. Importing your Keystone hardware wallet to the SubWallet extension

1. Getting started with SubWallet

1) Install the SubWallet Extension.

2) Click on [Get started] > Click [Create new account]

3) Choose your account of preference and check the box that says [I have saved my mnemonic seed safely]. Click [Next Step] > Set your password and click [Add the account with the generated seed]

4) Select the Network of your preference and click [Confirm]

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Sub account.

2. Syncing Keystone to SubWallet

Please note that if your firmware version is M-10.0 or newer, the connection process on the Keystone hardware wallet has been improved.

To connect your software wallet, simply tap on [Connect Software Wallet] and then select [SubWallet]. The QR code will be displayed automatically.

For more information about the updated UI design, please visit Keystone's Revamped UI.

1) Grab your Keystone device. Tap the "Menu" icon on the top left-hand corner of the screen. Select [Software Wallet] and then the [SubWallet/ Nova/ Polkadot{.js}] option. Tap [Confirm] to proceed.

2) Tap the [DOT] option > Tap the [...] icon > Select [Connect Software Wallet] and an account will show up


If you want to sync with the Kusuma account, click [KSM] option then.

3) Tap the account and a QR code will appear. Scan the QR code with your SubWallet

4) On your SubWallet Extension: Click the logo of your account located at the top right-hand corner > Click [Settings] > Click [Allow QR Camera Access]

5) Navigate back to the main account interface and click [Attach external QR-signer account], scan the QR code displayed on your Keystone Hardware Wallet in Step 3, and click [Add the account with identified address]

Congratulations! Your Keystone hardware wallet is now successfully imported to SubWallet.

III. Sending DOT with your Keystone Hardware Wallet

  1. Please be aware that you need to choose a network (either Polkadot or Kusama) to obtain your keys, and connect your software wallet separately to each chain.

  2. Sending DOT or KSM to other parachains is not recommended as it could lead to the loss of your assets.

1. Update Metadata before the Transaction

1) Click this Link: Metadata Portal

2) With your Keystone device in hand, tap the [-] icon to activate the camera. Scan the QR code displayed on the Metadata and tap [Approve] to proceed.

2. Sending DOT with your Keystone Hardware Wallet

1) Open your SubWallet > Click the Send logo and input the recipient’s Account ID and the amount you would like to send him/her. Tap [Make Transfer] > Tap [Sign via QR]. Grab your Keystone device so you can scan the QR code displayed on your SubWallet app.

2) With your Keystone device in hand, tap the [-] icon to activate the camera. Scan the QR code displayed on your SubWallet app.

3) The transaction information will appear in a human-readable format.

4) Tap [Sign] to proceed > Enter your password after signing the transaction and tap [Confirm]. A QR code will appear on your Keystone hardware wallet.

5) On the SubWallet Extension, Click the [Scan QR] button and scan the QR code shown on your Keystone hardware wallet with the SubWallet app.

Congratulations! The transaction is now successfully broadcast to the network.

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