MetaMask Mobile

The Only hardware wallet that supports MetaMask mobile. It fully supports all EVM chains, as well as the main coins, tokens, and decentralized applications of EVM chains.

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Firmware M-5.0 (Multi-Coin) or newer allows Keystone devices to work with MetaMask Mobile V5.0.0 or later. Keystone Essential can also be set to use MetaMask Mobile as a watch-only wallet.


1. Firmware version M-5.0 (Multi-Coin) or newer running on Keystone Essential or Pro. (Please read How to upgrade firmware for more details.)

2. Connect MetaMask Mobile V5.0.0 or newer with the Keystone Hardware Wallet.

II.Important Notes

Generate wallets with online recovery phrases, making them vulnerable to hacking attacks. Importing these recovery phrases into Keystone or other hardware wallets does not eliminate this risk.

To secure assets, it is advised to create a new wallet with a 24-word recovery phrase on a Keystone hardware wallet offline, and then transfer the assets from MetaMask to this new wallet before using Keystone with MetaMask. This method ensures the highest level of safety for assets.

pagePotential Trouble with Importing MetaMask wallet into Keystone

III.Connect Keystone to Metamask Mobile

1. Set up your MetaMask Mobile

1) Run “MetaMask Mobile” and get started.

2) Tap [Create a new wallet] or [Import with Secret Recovery Phrase]

3) Create a password > Tap [View] to reveal your Secret Recovery Phrase. Then tap [Continue] for the next step > Re-enter your Secret Recovery Phrase to reconfirm it. Tap [Complete backup] to finish the setup.

You have now successfully finished setting up your MetaMask Mobile. Feel free to browse around MetaMask Mobile to familiarize yourself with its various functions and features.

2. Connect Keystone Hardware Wallet to MetaMask Mobile

1) Keystone: Tap the "Menu" icon > then Tap [Software Wallet] > then Select [MetaMask / Defi / Web3] and Tap [Confirm] on the Keystone device.

Please note that if your firmware version is M-9.10 or newer, the connection process on the Keystone hardware wallet has been improved.

To connect your software wallet, simply tap on [Connect Software Wallet] and then select [MetaMask]. The QR code will be displayed automatically.

For more information about the updated UI design, please visit Keystone's Revamped UI.

The recent versions have renamed [Watch-only Wallet] to [Software Wallet].

2) Tap the icon on the top right corner of the toolbar > then select [Connect Software Wallet] > then choose the accounts that you are going to import and tap [Confirm].

3) MetaMask Mobile: Tap on your account profile photo > then select [Connect Hardware Wallet] > Tap [Continue] and use MetaMask Mobile to scan the QR code displayed on the Keystone Hardware Wallet. After scanning the QR code, select an account that you want to connect > Tap [Unlock].

IV.Send ETH with Keystone Hardware Wallet

1. Create an ETH transaction on MetaMask Mobile

Tap [Send] to input the receiving address and amount > Tap [Next] > Tap [Confirm with Keystone] > Tap [Confirm with Keystone]to display the unsigned transaction in QR code format on your mobile device.

Advanced Feature about how to adjust the [Estimated gas fee]:

1) Before taping [Confirm with Keystone], you could tap on the estimated gas fee amount to change the max fee or make further edits in the advanced options menu.

2) Select the max fee amount or tap [Advanced options] to modify the configuration of the transaction fee. Tap [Save] when finishing the modifications.

2. Sign the transaction with Keystone Hardware Wallet

1) Choose MM/Defi/Web3 mode and tap the icon on the first page to scan the QR code displayed on the MetaMask Mobile app. Then tap [Sign] for the next step.

2) Enter your password after signing the transaction, then tap [Confirm]. A QR code will be displayed on your Keystone Hardware Wallet.

3. Finish the transaction with MetaMask Mobile

1) Scan the QR code shown on the Keystone Firmware Wallet with your mobile device using the Metamask Mobile app to finish the transaction.

2) Check your transaction information on MetaMask Mobile

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