V 1.3.0 (Multi-Coin)

Multi-coin firmware V1.3.0 includes the following changes and updates:

1. The watch-only wallet has been renamed from "Keystone Ethereum Extension" to "Web3" and will be integrated with other Web3 wallets and DeFi projects through Onboard.js at a later date.

2. In the Web3 mode, we have upgraded the QR code encoding/decoding to a new format. This is an incompatible change and you need to upgrade your Keystone Ethereum Chrome Extension accordingly to the latest version.

3. In the Web3 mode, we have optimized the function of “decoding DeFi transactions”.

  • The ABI file data structure is optimized so downloading it now to a microSD card only requires ~30 seconds compared to ~30 minutes in the previous version. Please note that the previous ABI package no longer works so you will need to re-download the package after this firmware upgrade. Please check the tutorial and ABI package download link here.

  • Supports decoding tuple type transactions.

4. The Keystone Ethereum Chrome Extension is also updated with a new QR code encoding/decoding method and it now supports EIP 191 personal_sign message.

Instruction recommended:

pageDecoding DeFi Transactions

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