OKX Wallet Mobile

In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect Keystone with OKX and explore the basic features of OKX.


Before we begin, please ensure you have the following:

  1. Keystone hardware wallet with Firmware M-12.4 or above (Refer to the tutorial for firmware upgrade if needed).

  2. OKX Wallet is installed on your Mobile.

Now you are ready to connect Keystone with OKX and explore its features!

Note: Right now, you can use the OKX Wallet to access BTC and ETH once you've connected with Keystone. We're also working on adding more coins, so stay tuned for updates!

Connect Keystone with OKX Wallet

On Keystone:

  1. Launch your Keystone device and tap the "Menu" icon.

  2. Select "Connect Software Wallet" and choose "OKX." Confirm your selection.

    On OKX Wallet:

    1. Launch the OKX Wallet App and tap on [Wallet] at the top.

    2. Select [I already have one], then choose [Hardware wallet], and opt for [Keystone].

    3. Tap [Scan to connect] and carefully follow the provided instructions. Press [Connect now].

    4. Grant permission for the "OKX" app to access your camera, and use it to scan the QR code displayed on your Keystone hardware wallet. Select an account to unlock.

    Once you've successfully bound your Keystone wallet with OKX Wallet, you can securely explore the various features it offers.

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