Sending Cryptocurrency

Keystone uses a mobile app to complete operations which require network connection including balance updates, transaction fee calculation, transaction broadcasting, and viewing transaction details on a blockchain explorer. The Keystone hardware wallet signs transactions offline and transmits signing information to the mobile app.

I. Preperation

1. Keystone Hardware Wallet (Getting started in 5 steps).

2. Keystone Mobile App (Download and install).

3. Sync with the mobile app.

II. Instructions(e.g. Send ETH)

1. Creating Transactions with the Keystone Mobile App

a. Choose an Asset and tap [Send].

b. Choose a sending address.

c. Enter a receiving address and sending amount. (Please enter a tag if required.)

d. Adjust the transaction fee. (Fees are charged by miners. If it’s an urgent transaction, it is suggested you set a higher fee.)

e. Tap [Send] and [Confirm] after confirming the transaction details. Transaction information will be displayed in QR code format. (Do not exit this page.)

2. Signing Transactions with the Keystone Hardware Wallet

a. Tap [Scan] on the top right of the main page. Scan the QR code displayed on the mobile app.

b. Keystone will obtain the transaction information once it is finished scanning the QR code.

c. Confirm the transaction information and tap [Sign].

d. Verify with your password or fingerprint. The signing information will be displayed in QR code format.

3. Broadcasting Transactions with the Keystone Mobile App

a. Tap [Scan QR code on Keystone] on the mobile app. Scan the QR code displayed on the Keystone.

b. Tap [Broadcast] after scanning.

c. If the receiving address hasn’t been saved in your address book, the mobile app will jump to the address book after you broadcast your transaction. You can decide whether you want to save the receiving address to the address book.

d. Go to the cryptocurrency page to check the status of the broadcasted transaction.

4. ETH RBF (Replace-By-Fee)

In ETH every pending transaction is not final and could be replaced with higher fee. Keystone APP supports RBF for ETH and ERC20.

Tap [Cryptocurrency] > [Accelerate] and adjust the gas price, and then tap [Accelerate].

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