Core Wallet (Extension)

Core Wallet is an official AVAX wallet and a secure desktop cryptocurrency wallet that enables easy management of digital assets with advanced security features for Bitcoin, ETH, and AVAX.

If you're using a Keystone Hardware Wallet on firmware M-10.4 or newer, you can easily sync it with Core Wallet to manage your digital assets with even greater security. Here's how you can do it:

Here are the functions of these buttons to familiarize yourself with before starting.


  1. Make sure your Keystone Hardware Wallet is updated to firmware M-10.4 or newer. If you need assistance updating your firmware, refer to the “How to upgrade your firmware” tutorial.

  2. Download the Core Wallet to your desktop computer.

Sync Keystone with Core

  1. On your Keystone Hardware Wallet, tap on [Connect Software Wallet], and select [Core].

  2. Tap on [Confirm] and a QR code will appear.

  1. On the Core Wallet Extension, download the Core Wallet, choose the language you need, and tap on [Access Existing Wallet].

  1. Tap on [Keystone], and it will prompt you to scan the QR code on your Keystone. Please make sure to authorize it to open the camera.


  1. When syncing Keystone with Core, the BTC addresses may differ between Legacy, Nested Segwit, and Native Segwit formats. To ensure that you receive funds correctly, make sure to convert your BTC address to Core's format that matches your Keystone wallet.

  2. Always double-check the exact address before sending or receiving any funds.

  1. Once scanned, your addresses will show up. Tap on [Next], read the [Help Us Improve Core] message, and tap on [I agree] to proceed.


These are the first three addresses for ETH.

  1. Finally, set a name and password for your Core Wallet.

And that's it! Your Keystone Hardware Wallet is now synced with your Core Wallet, and you're ready to securely manage your cryptocurrencies.


After importing your hardware wallet into Core, your recovery phrase and private keys will still be stored on the hardware device. The Core is only used as a tool to display assets.

After importing, any transaction signatures still require your hardware device. So you don't have to worry about compromising your asset security after importing.

Looking to learn how to send transactions or add more addresses/assets using Keystone? Click here to access that information.

Getting Started with M-10.0 or newer for Beginners

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