Configure EVM Chains on MetaMask

Learn how to configure EVM chains, like Binance Smart Chain, on MetaMask extension for seamless decentralized finance and blockchain applications.

Keystone with firmware versions M-5.0 provides full support for any EVM-compatible blockchains. Users can now add any EVM-compatible blockchains on Metamask and use Keystone with it.

This guide will show you how to add the Polygon (Matic Network) Network on Metamask as an example. The same method would apply for other chains. Let’s take a look in more detail.

For more information on how to use MetaMask with EVM-compatible blockchains, please visit the MetaMask official website.

I. Preparation

1. Firmware versions M-5.0 (Multi-Cion) or newer running on Keystone Essential or Pro.

(Please read How to Upgrade Firmware for more details.)

2. Install MetaMask extension with version V10.8.0 or newer.

3. Set up and connect MetaMask with Keystone. (Check here for tutorial)

II. Add Polygon (Matic Network) to Metamask

Users can choose to add Polygon (Matic Network) to MetaMask either automatically or manually.

1. Adding it Automatically

1) Find the Polygon network on, choose the network (e.g. Polygon Mainnet) and click on [Connect Wallet].

2) Select the Account (e.g. Keystone 1), then click on [Next] > [Connect].

3) Click on [Add To MetaMask] > [Approve] > [Switch network].

4) Polygon Mainnet has now been successfully added to your MetaMask.

2. Add it Manually

You can add custom networks to MetaMask manually but there's probably no reason to do so unless you're a software developer. If you would still like to do so manually, please follow the instructions below:

1) Run the MetaMask Extension and enter the MetaMask main page.

2) Click on the Network Selection button at the top of the MetaMask Extension > [Add Network].

3) Input the relevant Polygon details below into the blanks provided: Network Name: Polygon Mainnet. Then click [Save].

Sometimes changing the RPC URL can help during network congestion:

4) You have now connected to the Polygon Mainnet with your Metamask Wallet!

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