Petra Aptos Wallet (Extension)

Petra Aptos Wallet is the go-to wallet for Aptos, with secure management of Aptos tokens, staking, voting, and multi-sig support. Keystone Hardware Wallet integration adds an extra layer of security.

I. Preparation

1. Update your Keystone device to Firmware version M-9.4 (Multi-Coin) or later. (How to upgrade your firmware?)

2. Download and install Petra (V-1.1.11 or newer).

II. Importing your Keystone Hardware Wallet to Petra

1. Log into the Petra Aptos Wallet

1. Launch Petra and create a new wallet.

2. Set a password for your Petra wallet and keep your seed phrase stored in a secure place. Once that is done, you should have successfully logged into Petra.

2. Syncing Keystone to Petra

1. In the Petra UI, go to the profile page and click [Add account] > Click [Import from Keystone] > [Sync Keystone].

2. On Keystone, navigate to [Connect Software Wallet] > Select [Petra Aptos Wallet]. A QR code will then be displayed.

3. Scan the QR code shown on your Keystone device with Petra.

Congratulations! Your Keystone hardware wallet is now successfully connected to Petra!

III. Sending APT with your Keystone Hardware Wallet

1. In Petra, click the [Send] button and enter the recipient’s account ID and the amount you want to send > Click [Next] > Click [Send] and a QR code will appear.

2. Grab your Keystone device, and tap the [-] icon to scan the QR code displayed in Petra. Review the transaction details on your Keystone and tap [Sign] if you want to approve it > Enter your password and tap [Confirm] > A QR code will then be displayed on your Keystone device.

3. Using Petra, click the [Get Signature] button and scan the QR code displayed on your Keystone device with the Petra app.

That’s it! The transaction is now successfully broadcast to the network.

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