Configuring EVM Chains on MetaMask Mobile

Learn how to configure EVM chains, like Binance Smart Chain, on MetaMask Mobile for seamless decentralized finance and blockchain applications.

The Keystone hardware Wallet supports all EVM chains compatible with MetaMask. Those EVM-compatible chains are also configurable on Metamask mobile App as well.

This guide will show you how to add the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) Mainnet Network to your Metamask mobile app. The same method is applicable for any other EVM-compatible chains.

I. Preparation

1. Firmware version M-5.0 (Multi-Coin) or newer running on Keystone Essential or Pro.

2. Connect MetaMask Mobile V5.0.0 or newer with the Keystone Hardware Wallet (Tutorial).

Please read How to Upgrade Firmware for more details.

II. Add EVM Chains onto MetaMask Mobile

1. Automatically add EVM chains

1) Run the MetaMask Mobile app and tap on the Menu icon on the top left corner and select the [Browser] option.

2) Type in the URL search bar and select your desired network available on the page.

3) Scroll the screen down until you’ve found the network you’d like to add.

4) Select a network you’d like to add to MetaMask and tap [Approve] to complete the addition and move onto the next step.

5) Tap [Switch Network] to change to the network added, for this guide, we’ve added Binance Smart Chain Mainnet. You can see how it has been successfully added to the MetaMask Mobile app.

2. Manually Configure EVM chains on MetaMask Mobile

Adding networks manually is not recommended for normal users as it is generally used by IT developers. The instructions below explains how you can manually add networks onto the MetaMask Mobile app. For this section of the guide, we will be adding the Polygon network:

1) Tap [Menu Icon]> then [Settings]

2) Select [Networks] and tap [Add Network]

3) Input the necessary Polygon network details below into the blanks provided. Then tap [Save].

Sometimes, changing the RPC URL can help with transactions during network congestion:

4) You have now connected to the Polygon Mainnet with your Metamask Wallet!

Added network on MetaMask Mobile app will not sync with Metamask Extension!

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