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Forgot or Reset a Password or Pin

I. Forgotten Mobile App PIN Code

If you forget the PIN code you set for your Keystone mobile app, please uninstall the app, reinstall it, and bind your Keystone again. If you were using an HD wallet at the same time, please make sure you have recorded the recovery phrase for this wallet before uninstalling the app.

II. Resetting the PIN Code of the Keystone Mobile App

1. Open the Keystone mobile app and go to the [Settings] page. Then tap [PIN Unlock].
Keystone-App-PIN Restting-1
2. Tap [Reset PIN].
Keystone-App-PIN Restting-2
3. You will be able to set a new PIN after entering your old PIN.
Keystone-App-PIN Restting-3

III. Forgotten Keystone Pattern Unlock

1. Tap [Switch to password unlock] and enter your password to unlock the Keystone.
Keystone-PatternLock Restting-1
2. Go to the Settings page. Toggle [Set Pattern Lock] off, then on.
Keystone-PatternLock Restting-2
3. Enter your password to set a new pattern to unlock.
Keystone-PatternLock Restting-3

IV. Forgotten Keystone Main Password

If you forget the Keystone main password, tap [Forgot password?]. You can reset your password after verifying your recovery phrase. If both password and recovery phrase are lost, the assets in the corresponding HW wallet will not be retrievable.
Keystone-PatternLock Restting-4
Caution: The device will require the main password after 12 incorrect pattern unlock attempts, and will automatically wipe the device after 5 incorrect main password attempts.
Keystone-PatternLock Restting-5

V. Resetting the Keystone Main Password

1. Tap the [Menu] icon on the top left of the main page.
Keystone-PatternLock Restting-6
2. Then tap [Settings] > [Change Password].
Keystone-PatternLock Restting-7
3. Enter your old password to reset the main password.
Keystone-PatternLock Restting-8