Use Dice to Generate Recovery Phrase

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Please Follow the steps below to easily accomplish your own TRNG.

I. Preparation

1. At least one casino-grade die (casino-grade dice will give you the highest degree of entropy).

II. Using Input From Dice to Generate A Recovery Phrase

1. Find the interface that gives you the options to either [Import Wallet] or [Create Wallet].

1) You can find this interface during initialization of the device. If you have already initialized your device, go to the step below.

2) You can also enter this interface by going to [Settings], then touching [Create/Import Wallet].

CAUTION: Using dice to generate a new recovery phrase will erase and replace your current recovery phrase. Make sure you have properly recorded your recovery phrase before you proceed with generating a new one.

2. Touch [Create Wallet].

3. Tap 3 times on the image of the Keystone Tablet to enter the [Dice Rolls] interface.

4. Touch [Start] to begin entering the results of dice rolls (1,2,3,4,5,6) into Keystone.

To ensure the highest degree of entropy for your recovery phrase, we recommend that you:

① Enter at least 50 dice roll results (99 are required for 256-bit entropy).

② Roll on a flat, stable surface.

③ Cast each dice roll from a high enough position relative to the surface you are rolling on.

5. Once you are satisfied with your number of dice roll entries, touch [Done], then touch [Generate]. You may then start recording your newly generated recovery phrase.

How to verify the recovery phrase created by dice rolling?

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