Importing MetaMask Wallet into Keystone

By using the official MetaMask extension (V10.8.0 or newer), users can import their existing MetaMask wallet into their Keystone hardware wallets (with M-5.0 or newer firmware versions) and continue to manage their assets in the same wallet by utilizing MetaMask as a watch-only wallet.

In principle, we highly recommend creating a new recovery phrase (new wallet with a 24-word seed phrase) offline on a Keystone hardware wallet and then transferring your assets from your MetaMask wallet to the new one prior to using your Keystone to interact with MetaMask. This is the safest way to protect your assets.

I. Operation

This section will explain, step-by-step, how to import an existing MetaMask account into your Keystone and then interact with MetaMask using your Keystone to manage your assets on particular accounts.

1.Run the “MetaMask Extension” and enter the main interface. Then, check the MetaMask wallet you want to import to Keystone. In this tutorial, we will import the wallet labeled as “Account 1” into Keystone.

2. Obtain the secret recovery phrase for your MetaMask wallet (in this case, the recovery phrase for “Account 1”).

If you have forgotten your secret recovery phrase, you can reveal it as follows:

1) Click on the "Menu" icon on the top right corner > then select [Setting] > [Security & Privacy] > [Reveal Secret recovery phrase].

2) Enter your password and click on [Next] to display the secret recovery phrase. Then, carefully record it. We suggest to use a metal tablet for high permanence.

3. Turn on the Keystone device. Tap the "Menu" icon > [Setting] > [Create/Import Wallet] > Ether your password and tap [Confirm].

4. Select [Import Wallet] > [Import a Wallet with Single Backup], then select the proper recovery phrase length (in this case, 12) and tap [Next].

5. Enter your recovery phrase > tap [Import Wallet] to finish importing wallet > add any cryptocurrencies to the list based on your needs and tap [√]. Now, your MetaMask Account has been successfully imported.

6. Click on the "Menu" icon > [Software Wallet] > select [MetaMask / Rabby / DeFi] and tap [Confirm] > tap [Export Later] to enter the wallet homepage. Check whether the “Account 0” address on Keystone and MetaMask are the same.

7. Tap the [•••] button on the top right of the screen > then tap [Connect Software Wallet] to display the QR code.

8. Uninstall and reinstall the MetaMask extension. (This is a necessary and important step. For more information, please see the Potential Trouble with Importing Accounts.)

9. Run the “MetaMask Extension” and set up MetaMask by creating a new Secret Recovery Phrase. (After setting up and entering the main interface, you will see a new MetaMask account. This new account has nothing to do with your old MetaMask account so you can simply disregard it.)

10.Click on the "Menu" icon on the top right corner > then select [Connect Hardware Wallet].

11. Select [QR-based] and then click [Continue].

12. MetaMask uses your computer's camera to scan the QR code displayed on the Keystone hardware wallet.

13. Select the Account (e.g. Account 1) that you want to bind and click [Unlock].

14. MetaMask should now be successfully bound to your Keystone. Check that the “Keystone 1” account on MetaMask is the same as the account on Keystone. Now you can continue to manage your assets in this wallet by interacting with MetaMask and using your Keystone for signing purposes.

That’s all!

We hope this guide is useful when you decide to import an existing MetaMask Wallet/Account to a Keystone hardware wallet!

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