Displaying Your NFT on the Lock Screen

Import your Ethereum NFT to Keystone effortlessly with MetaMask or Solflare. Gain more exposure for your NFTs and enjoy seamless integration. Start now!


  1. Make sure your Keystone Essential or Pro is running on firmware version M-5.4 (Multi-Coin) or newer. If not, please read "How to upgrade firmware" for more details.

  2. Connect your Keystone to either MetaMask or Solflare.

Import your NFT on Ethereum to your Keystone

Now we will demonstrate how to showcase your NFT on the Lock Screen using the M-10.2 version. We'll guide you through the process step-by-step for a seamless experience.

  1. Open the “Import NFT” page.

  1. Connect your MetaMask or Solflare to the site.

The integration with OKX is coming soon

  1. Choose the NFT that you want to import into your Keystone hardware wallet.

  1. QR codes will appear on your screen for scanning with your Keystone hardware wallet.

  2. On your Keystone, tap the scan button and scan the QR code.

  3. Information about the NFT will appear, and then tap [Confirm]. The NFT will then be successfully displayed on your lock screen.

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