Export XPUB

I. Introduction

  • In UTXO-based cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, change addresses are used to send back the excess amount beyond the intended recipient's address. The XPUB, which is the extended public key of your hardware wallet, is used to generate all the public addresses, including both the receiving addresses and change addresses, without exposing the private keys.

  • Exporting the XPUB gives you a comprehensive view of your wallet's transaction history, including all the receiving addresses and change addresses used in transactions. This can be useful for auditing transactions for tax purposes or keeping track of your wallet activity.

  • The XPUB can serve various purposes, such as auditing transactions for tax purposes or monitoring your wallet activity.

  • Protect your privacy and be cautious when sharing your XPUB key. Anyone with it can monitor your wallet activity, both past and future. Keep your private keys safe and only share your XPUB key with trusted parties.

II. Preparation

This tutorial applies to the BTC-Only version or M-10.0 or newer for the Multi-Coin version. If you need assistance updating your firmware, refer to the “How to upgrade your firmware” tutorial.

III. Export the XPUB by Keystone Hardware Wallet

To export the XPUB (Extended Public Key) in [Keystone Mobile] mode, follow these steps:

  1. Tap [My Keystone] in [Keystone Mobile] mode.

  2. Tap the three-dot icon on the top-right corner.

  3. Tap [Wallet Info] and the XPUB will be displayed.

Please note that [Keystone Mobile] mode only has access to Nested Segwit with ypub. If you need to export xpub or zpub, you will need to change to the appropriate mode and repeat the process.

How to change mode: Tap the menu button > Tap [Settings] > Tap [Watch-Only Wallet] and you will be available to change the mode.

IV. Tips and Best Practices

  • Never share your XPUB with anyone else, as it gives access to your public addresses.

  • Be cautious of phishing attempts or scams asking for your XPUB or other sensitive information.

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