Secure your digital assets with confidence using Keystone Hardware Wallet's seamless integration with BlockWallet - the first crypto wallet for Web3 that supports all EVM-compatible chains.

I. Preparation

  1. Update your Keystone device to Firmware version M-9.10 (Multi-Coin) or later. Refer to the “How to upgrade your firmware” tutorial if you require assistance in updating your firmware.

  2. Download and install BlockWallet (V-0.8.0 or newer).

II. Importing your Keystone Hardware Wallet to BlockWallet

1. Log into the BlockWallet

Before connecting your Keystone Hardware Wallet with BlockWallet, you will need to set up a dummy wallet.

  1. Launch BlockWallet and create a new wallet. Tap [Get Started] > Tap[Create Wallet]

  2. Set a strong password for your BlockWallet wallet > Keep your seed phrase stored in a secure place > Confirm your seed phrase. Once that is done, you should have successfully logged into BlockWallet.

2. Syncing Keystone to BlockWallet

  1. Default Browser Wallet, start using BlockWallet and get into the BlockWallet UI.

  2. Click [Setting] > Click [Connect Hardware Wallet] > Select [Keystone] and click [Continue].

  3. On Keystone, navigate to [Connect Software Wallet] > Select [BlockWallet]. A QR code will then be displayed.

  4. Scan the QR code shown on your Keystone device with BlockWallet.

Congratulations! Your Keystone hardware wallet is now successfully connected to BlockWallet!

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