Fingerprint Settings(Pro only)

Use the Keystone Pro’s fingerprint function in public places like cafes or airports. Doing so can prevent the password from being captured by cameras or onlookers.

I. Fingerprint Permissions

- Unlock device (optional)

- Enter Passphrase Wallet (optional)

- Sign transactions (optional)

II. Adding Fingerprints

1. Tap the [Menu] icon on the top left of the main page >[Settings] > [Fingerprint Settings].

2. Input your password to enter the fingerprint settings page.

3. Tap [Start Registration]. If a fingerprint has already been added, tap [+Add Fingerprint]. Place your finger on the fingerprint sensing area and remove it when you feel a vibration. Repeat until the enrollment process is fully complete.

4. Tap [Edit Name] to modify the fingerprint name for easy management or tap [Done] to proceed with the default fingerprint name.

III. Deleting Fingerprints

1. Go to the fingerprint settings page, and select the fingerprint you want to delete.

2. Tap [Delete Fingerprint] >[Confirm].

IV. Set Fingerprint Permissions

1. Go to the fingerprint settings page.

2. Toggle [Unlock Device].

3. Toggle [Enter Passphrase Wallet].

4. Toggle [Sign Transactions].

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