Three BTC Address Formats Support

Both the Keystone Hardware Wallet with Multi-Coin firmware versions M-5.2 (or newer) and the Keystone Companion App V1.1.0 (or newer) will now support three types of Bitcoin addresses: Legacy, Native Segwit, and Nested Segwit.

This improved feature will provide obvious conveniences and enhance user experience. For example, you can now safely import your old wallet that uses either the Legacy or Native SegWit address types for bitcoin (e.g. Ledger) into Keystone then use Keystone to continue managing your assets in the same wallet without the need to make a new one.

I. Preparation

1. Firmware version M-5.2 (Multi-Coin) or newer running on Keystone Essential or Pro.

(Please read How to upgrade firmware for more details.)

2. Download the Keystone Companion App V1.1.0 or newer version.

II. Operation

1. Select [I have my Recovery phrase] and tap [Update Now] > then enter password and tap [Confirm].The Keystone will then be updated to the lasted firmware and you’ll be able to see three different kinds of BTC address formats: Nested Segwit, Legacy, and Native Segwit.

Tips: If your Keystone is now in another “watch-only wallet” mode, please switch to the “Keystone Companion App” mode first by following the steps below:

① Tap the "Menu" icon > [Watch-only Wallet] > select [Keystone Companion App] and tap [√] icon.

② You can see three different kinds of address formats for Bitcoin. Select the “Cryptocurrency” you want to manage (in order to show the new features of this firmware version more clearly, we will only select BTC in this tutorial) and tap the [√] icon > [Export Later]. The watch-only wallet has now been switched to “Keystone Companion App” mode.

3. Touch the [•••] icon > then touch [Sync Watch-Only Wallet] to show the QR code.

4. Run the Keystone companion app and tap [Bind] > then select [I have read…] and touch [Confirm] to scan the QR code displayed on the Keystone device > then read the [Important Notes] carelly and tap [OK]. You will be able to see the three types of BTC addresses all synced on your Keystone companion app. Now you can view all of your balances on it and create transactions too.

Tips: If you have already bound the wallet, please click the "Scan" icon in the upper right corner of the main page, then scan the QR code displayed on the Keystone device, and bind again.

Tips: If you have difficulty scanning the QR code, please tap [Difficulty scanning?...] and try again.

① If a transaction contains a large amount of data, the number of QR codes shown will increase. Please keep scanning until the whole process is finished.

② Problems scanning? Please submit a request to us. Our admins will reply to you ASAP.

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