Construct Your Own Recovery Phrase

Keystone support constructing your very own recovery phrase. Users can select the first 23 words from the official list of 2048 words(Github). Keystone will calculate the 24th word.

I. Important Notes

1. This is an advanced feature. It’s not recommended for crypto newbies.

2. Please make sure the approach that you select the first 23 words with is random enough. e.g. Printing all the 2048 words on a piece of paper, and then using a pen to blindly spot 23 words randomly, is considered insufficient and will surely lead to the loss of your funds. The methods mentioned here can be used as references.

3. The algorithm implementation of how Keystone calculate the 24th word is the same as in, so users can verify the result with Seedpicker.

II. Steps

1. Find the interface that gives you the options to either [Import Wallet] or [Create Wallet].

1) You can find this interface during initialization of the device. If you have already initialized your device, go to the step below.

2) You can also enter this interface by going to [Settings], then touching [Create/Import Wallet].

CAUTION: The new recovery phrase will erase and replace your current recovery phrase. Make sure you have properly recorded your recovery phrase before you proceed with generating a new one.

2. Select [I’ve read…] and touch [Create Wallet].

3. Continually and quickly tap the top right corner of the “Generate Recovery Phrase” page for 3 times. Touch [Create your Recovery Phrase] and get into the hidden function page. Touch [Fill in your 23 words].

4. Please make sure the approach that you select the first 23 words with is random enough and then fill it in. Touch [Calculate the 24th Word]. Choose a word as the 24th word and touch [Confirm > I UNDERSTAND].

5. Backup the complete 24 recovery phrase and click [Recovery Phrase Saved] > [Next Step].

6. Enter the backuped recovery phrase and touch [Confirm]. The Keystone will now start the wallet creation process.

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