How to switch Near Path to Ledger format?

Firmware versions M-9.4 (Multi-Coin) or newer support switching Keystone device wallet paths (Near) to Ledger Live formats when in Sender mode. The default wallet path (Near) format for Keystone devices is BIP44 Standard. However, if you want to import a recovery phrase from a Ledger device (Ledger Live / Legacy), you will need to switch the wallet path to Ledger Live / Legacy formats in order to properly identify your digital assets.

I. Preparation

Update your Keystone device to Firmware version M-9.4 (Multi-Coin) or later. Refer to the “How to upgrade your firmware” tutorial if you require assistance in updating your firmware.

II. Operation

  1. Tap the [Menu] icon, select [Software Wallet], choose [Sender], and then tap [Confirm].

  2. Next, tap the [•••] icon, select [Change Derivation Path], and choose the proper wallet path based on your needs. Then, tap [Confirm].

  3. The address format should have been changed to Ledger Live / Legacy. To ensure this new format is binding on your software wallet, reconnect the software wallet.

That's it! You have successfully switched your Keystone device's wallet path from (Near) to Ledger Live / Legacy formats.

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