Add Multiple Addresses

Keystone is a multi-chain hardware wallet compatible with BIP32/39/44. Users can add multiple addresses under each Asset. The device supports adding up to nine new addresses at a time in batches. The Keystone mobile app can add new addresses one at a time. It is recommended you use the Keystone Hardware Wallet to generate addresses in batches then synchronize with the Keystone mobile app.

Adding Multiple Addresses

1. Keystone Hardware Wallet

a. When you add an asset, Keystone will create a default address.

b. Tap [Asset] to enter the address list.

c. Tap the [+] icon on the top right of the address list.

d. Set the number of the addresses you need and tap [Confirm].

e. Tap the edit icon to customize the address name.

2. Keystone Mobile App

Syncing with the Keystone device will transfer all addresses to the mobile app. To add new addresses directly on the app, do the following:

a. Tap [Asset] to enter the cryptocurrency page.

b. Tap the wallet icon on the top right to enter the address list.

c. Tap [+ Add Address]. Input the address name and tap [Confirm].

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