Simple Bitcoin Wallet

Firmware version B-2.5 (BTC-Only) or newer will allow you to set Simple Bitcoin Wallet V2.4.23 or newer as a watch-only wallet that functions as the companion app for Keystone Essential or Pro.

I. Preparation

1. Setup your Keystone Essential or Pro. (Tutorial)

2. Firmware version B-2.5 (BTC-Only) or newer running on Keystone Essential or Pro.

3. Android device with Simple Bitcoin Wallet V2.4.23 or later downloaded and logged in with your Simple Bitcoin Wallet account.

II. Creating a Watch-Only Wallet (BTC-Only) using Simple Bitcoin Wallet

1. On the Keystone hardware wallet, touch [Menu] > [Settings] > [Watch-Only Wallet]. You can also complete this setup for your watch-only wallet during the initialization phase of your keystone device.

2. Select [Generic Wallet], then touch [Confirm] and enter the wallet. Touch the [•••] icon, then select [Export Wallet] to show the QR code to display the information required to pair your keystone device with a generic wallet (includes the wallet XPUB, Keystone's fingerprint, and derivation path).

3. Run the Simple Bitcoin Wallet app, touch [Create new wallet], then touch the “setting” icon on the top right corner and press [Add hardware wallet].

4. Use your smartphone's camera to scan the QR code displayed on your Keystone device, then set a label for your hardware wallet and press [OK]. Simple Bitcoin Wallet can now be used as the watch-only wallet for Keystone.

III. Sending and Receiving Bitcoin with Simple Bitcoin Wallet

A. Receiving Bitcoin

You can use either receiving addresses displayed on your Keystone device or Simple Bitcoin Wallet to receive bitcoin.

- Displaying Address on Keystone

1. Enter your generic wallet interface on your Keystone device and select a receiving address to display it in QR code format.

- Displaying Addresses on your Simple Bitcoin Wallet

1. Select the wallet that you want to display its address, for this tutorial, this would be [Keystone Hardware wallet].

2. Alternatively touch [Receive] on the bottom right of your screen > then select [Receive to Bitcoin address] to display the receiving address.

B. Sending Bitcoin

1. Using Simple Bitcoin Wallet to Create Transactions

1) Touch [Send] to enter the remittance interface, then configure the receiving address and touch [OK] and choose a wallet (e.g. Keystone hardware wallet).

2) Set your desired amount, transaction fees, and label (optional), then touch [OK] to display the unsigned transaction information in a dynamic QR code format.

2. Using Keystone Hardware Wallet to Sign Transactions

1) Touch the [scan] icon on Keystone and use the camera on your hardware wallet device to scan the QR code displayed on Simple Bitcoin Wallet.

2) Check the transaction details. Then touch [Sign], and input your password / fingerprint for your device to obtain the signed transaction information (awaiting broadcast).

3. Using Simple Bitcoin Wallet to Broadcast Transactions

1) Touch [OK], and use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code displayed on your Keystone device to transmit the signed transaction data.

2) Open up the broadcasting interface on your Simple Bitcoin Wallet and touch [OK] to broadcast the transaction.

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