Decoding Multi-Signature Transactions

This article describes how to verify multi-signature transactions with your Keystone using Safe as an example.

Reasons for implementation?

Keystone’s goal has always been to make all crypto transaction details transparent and secure.

With the rise in popularity of Multi-Signature wallets used by various protocols, Keystone made it a priority to enable the decoding of Multi-Signature transactions to prevent any blind signing issues. Users will now be able to view the Transaction ID, Addresses of both parties, Transaction Fee, Path, Transfer Value, etc. while executing transactions via Safe.

Firmware Update

Why the Update?

  1. Firmware version M-7.2 (Multi-Coin) or newer now supports decoding Multi-Signature transactions. (Please see firmware upgrade for more help.)

  2. Ability to bind your Keystone Hardware Wallet with the Safe App to create and decode multi-signature transactions.

Note: Firmware M-7.2 (Multi-Coin) upgrades the QR decoding functionality with a new format. You will need to upgrade your Safe Web App to the latest version as well in order for the decoding to work.

How to connect your Keystone Hardware Wallet with the Safe?

Please follow 5 steps below:

  1. Click ‘Not Connected’ and click 'Connect'

  2. Click ‘Sync Keystone’

  3. Select ‘Keystone’ as the wallet to connect to Safe

  4. Scan the QR code available on your Keystone device with your computer’s camera to initiate the binding process

  5. Select the address you wish to bind and click ‘Done’


Be sure to double-check the signing details on your Keystone device before signing the transaction

How to verify transactions on your Keystone?

  1. Create a transaction with Safe and get the unsigned transaction data in QR code format. How to create a transaction with Safe?

2. Keystone will decode the multi-signature transaction and display the transaction details.


For the first signing with Keystone and you will get a message after scanning; For the last signing with Keystone then you will get the decoding details after scanning

Why should you choose Keystone

As you can see, Gnosis Safe has achieved a deepening integration with Keystone Hardware wallet. The icon of Keystone will be displayed on the interfaces of Gnosis Safe while connecting with the wallet.

In the meanwhile, the Keystone device supports multi-signature decoding in various scenarios, such as Create A Safe, initiating transactions, Add Owners, Remove Owners, interacting with DApp, etc.

  1. Create A Safe, contents below will be displayed after scanning the QR code for transaction with the Keystone device.

2. Add an owner of Safe, the contents below will be displayed after scanning the QR code for transactions with Keystone device.

3. Remove the owner of Safe multi-signature wallet, contents below will be displayed after scanning the qr code for transaction with Keystone device.

4. Interact with Dapp (using Uniswap for example), contents below will be displayed after scanning QR code for transactions with the Keystone device.

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