Bitcoin Wallets

One of the core design principles of the Keystone Hardware Wallet is to be compatible with as many software wallets as possible.

By integrating with different bitcoin wallets, the Keystone Hardware Wallet can be used for various purposes:

Casa is a key management protocol. You can check here for more related tutorial and details.

BlueWallet creates seamless UX with Keystone on the mobile devices.

Specter emphasizes on a full node connection and multi-sig.

Sparrow is one of the best bitcoin wallets for multi-sig.

BTCPay Server provides any merchant the function to receive Bitcoin without any middle-man.

Electrum the one of the earliest software wallets for bitcoin.

Wasabi Wallet emphasizes on maximizing privacy when sending & receiving bitcoin.

Nunchuk is a safe and advanced self-custody solution for bitcoin.

Simple Bitcoin Wallet is an open-source and autonomous wallet for Android devices.

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