Potential Trouble with Importing MetaMask wallet into Keystone

I.Important Notes

A wallet generated by MetaMask has its recovery phrase online. This means that this recovery phrase has been connected to the network(internet).

Therefore, even if you import this recovery phrase created by MetaMask into Keystone (or any other hardware wallets) to continue managing your digital assets, this recovery phrase might already be at the risk of being attacked by hackers.

In principle, we highly recommend creating a new recovery phrase (new wallet with a 24-word seed phrase) offline on a Keystone hardware wallet and then transferring your assets from your MetaMask wallet to the new one prior to using your Keystone to interact with MetaMask. This is the safest way to protect your assets.

Instructions recommended:

MetaMaskMetaMask Mobile

II.Potential trouble sample

We have recently received feedback from some users about not being able to select certain accounts when binding their Keystone hardware wallet to MetaMask. Let’s explore and address this problem together:

(1) As you can see in the examples provided below, there are two existing accounts in the MetaMask wallet within the example shown in the picture below (“ Account 1” and “Account 2”). In this example, this wallet has already been imported into Keystone as well. The Keystone acccount0’s public key is the same as the one of MetaMask’s Account 1:

(2) When you try to bind Keystone with MetaMask under such a situation by selecting which account you wish to bind, you’ll soon find that “account 1” and “account 2”, unlike the other accounts, can not be selected as shown in the picture below:

(3) This happens because “account 1” and “account 2” are already bound to MetaMask.

Due to the potential scenario above, we’ve decided to write this guide to explain how to correctly import an existing MetaMask Wallet into Keystone, hoping we could help users avoid this situation.

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