Solflare Mobile

Firmware version M-6.0 (Multi-Coin) or newer enables the Solflare Mobile App (v1.0.0 or newer) to be linked with your Keystone. The Solflare Mobile App will then act as a software wallet for your Keystone Essential or Pro.


1. Install Firmware version M-6.0 (Multi-Coin) or newer running on your Keystone Essential or Pro.
(Please read How to upgrade firmware for more details.)
2. Download the Solflare Mobile (V1.0.0 or newer) from the Solflare official website or App store.

II.Importing your Keystone Hardware Wallet to Solflare Mobile Wallet

1) Run the Soflare Mobile App. Tap the Keystone icon on the main page.
Keystone-Solflare Mobile-1
2) On your Keystone device: Tap the "Menu" icon > Tap “Software Wallet” > Select “Solflare” and tap “Confirm”.
Please note that if your firmware version is M-10.0 or newer, the connection process on the Keystone hardware wallet has been improved.
To connect your software wallet, simply tap on [Connect Software Wallet] and then select [Solflare]. The QR code will be displayed automatically.
For more information about the updated UI design, please visit Keystone's Revamped UI.
Keystone-Solflare Mobile-2
3) On your Keystone device: Tap the “...” icon on the top right corner of the toolbar > Select “Connect Software Wallet” > Choose the accounts that you want to import and tap “Confirm”.
Keystone-Solflare Mobile-3
4) Enable camera access on your mobile phone. Scan the QR code displayed on your Keystone Device with your mobile phone camera.
Keystone-Solflare Mobile-4
5) On your Soflare Mobile App: Select the accounts that you want to import then tap “Continue”.
Keystone-Solflare Mobile-5
6) Set a password for your Soflare Mobile Wallet and tap “Next”.
Keystone-Solflare Mobile-6
7) Congratulations! Your Keystone Hardware Wallet has now been successfully imported to the Solflare Mobile App.
Keystone-Solflare Mobile-7

III.Send SOL with your Keystone Hardware Wallet

1. Create a SOL transaction on the Solflare Mobile App

1) Tap “Send” > Input the amount of SOL and the recipient address > Tap “Confirm”.
Do note: You will need to check the “Send to empty account?” box if the recipient address does not contain any SOL.
Keystone-Solflare Mobile-8
2) After confirming the transaction, hit “Send” and tap the “Tap to show Keystone QR code” button.
Keystone-Solflare Mobile-9

2. Signing the transaction with your Keystone hardware Wallet

1) On your Keystone device, select the Solflare mode and click “Confirm”. Tap the “Scan” icon on the top right hand corner of the screen to activate the Keystone camera. Use it to scan the QR code displayed on the Solflare Mobile App. Double confirm the details of the transaction before hitting the “Sign” button.
Keystone-Solflare Mobile-10
2) Enter your Keystone device password after signing the transaction and hit “Confirm”. A QR code will then appear on your Keystone Hardware Wallet.
Keystone-Solflare Mobile-11

3. Finalize the transaction on the Solflare Mobile Wallet App

1) Scan the QR code shown on the Keystone Hardware Wallet with your Solflare Mobile App.
Keystone-Solflare Mobile-12
2) Congratulations! The transaction has now been successfully broadcasted to the blockchain.
Keystone-Solflare Mobile-13
Do note: Please complete the transaction as soon as possible otherwise you’ll have to restart from the beginning and create a new SOL transaction in the Solflare wallet. This is due to the transaction timeout feature of the Solana blockchain.