This tutorial explains how to use your Keystone to directly interact with SushiSwap without any client interfaces (such as MetaMask or WalletConnect).

Firmware versions V1.3.0 (Multi-Coin) or newer allows you to use SushiSwap with Keystone Essential or Pro.

If you would like to use your Keystone to interact with SushiSwap through your MetaMask (fork) client, please refer to the tutorial link provided directly below:

pageMetaMask & DeFi


1. Currently, users can only use SushiSwap with Keystone on the mainnet .

2. SushiSwap only displays the first address of the recovery phrase after syncing it with Keystone.

3. We will optimize of the above two concerns at a later date.

I. Preparation

1. Setup your Keystone. (Getting started in 5 steps)

2. Firmware version V1.3.0 (Multi-Coin) or newer running on Keystone Essential or Pro.

(Please read How to upgrade firmware for more details.)

3. SushiSwap:

II. Connect Keystone to SushiSwap

1. Keystone: Select the [Menu] icon > then select the [Watch-only Wallet] on the Keystone device.

Please note that if your firmware version is M-10.0 or newer, the connection process on the Keystone hardware wallet has been improved.

To connect your software wallet, simply tap on [Connect Software Wallet] and then select [Sushi Swap]. The QR code will be displayed automatically.

For more information about the updated UI design, please visit Keystone's Revamped UI.

2. Select [MetaMask / DeFi / Web3] > [Confirm] > then select [Display QR Code] to show the QR code for syncing.

3. Visit SushiSwap homepage at Switch to the [Swap] tab and click on [Connect to a wallet].

4. Select [Keystone].

5. Click [Sync Keystone] and scan the QR code displayed on your Keystone.

6. SushiSwap should now be successfully connected to your Keystone's first Ethereum address.

III. Swap ETH to Tokens (e.g. DAI)

1. Select a token you wish to swap from your ETH and set the desired amount, then Click on [Swap].

2. Double-check your transaction details and click [Confirm Swap] to get the unsigned transaction data in QR code format.

3. Keystone: Touch the “scan” icon and scan the QR code shown on SushiSwap with your Keystone.

4. Confirm the transaction details on Keystone. When your finished confirming the transaction details, press the [Sign] button below and enter your password to execute the transaction. A QR code will be provided for the signed transaction data in which you can use to scan to get the signature using your watch-only wallet.

5. Click on [Continue] in SushiSwap and scan the QR code shown on Keystone.

The transaction will submit automatically after the scanning is finished.

We hope this guide was useful during your first few times using SushiSwap with your Keystone!

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