Cobo Vault Companion App

I. Purpose

Cobo Vault was rebranded as Keystone on June 1st, 2021.

Providing minimal maintenance for the Cobo Vault was solely a top-down decision by Cobo so the original team had left Cobo to create our own company: Keystone.

We unfortunately don’t know how long the Cobo Vault original companion app will receive maintenance. To help users still using the Cobo Vault hardware wallet, we offer this Cobo Vault companion app called "QR Watch-only Wallet" to help keep Cobo Vault functional.

Please kindly note that:

1) We won’t offer any new features to this app since our focus is purely on Keystone.

2) Due to backend limitations, IOST, EOS, ETC, CFX, DCR, FIRO (XZC) and Omni-USDT are not supported by this app. Please use Cobo’s own companion app if you need to send these coins.

3) This App is only for Cobo Vault. It is NOT compatible with Keystone hardware wallet due to different QR code protocol.

II. Preparation

1. Download and install QR Watch-only Wallet:

1) Android

- Download APK

- Get it on Google Play

2) iOS

- Download on the App Store

2. Firmware version V2.0.0 or newer running on Cobo Vault Essential or Pro.

3. Micro SD card (Requirements: Default FAT 32 format and capacity not exceeding 32GB).

4. Micro SD card reader (Not necessary if your laptop can read Micro SD cards).

III. Syncing the QR Watch-only Wallet

A. Important Notice

The firmware version of your Cobo Vault Essential or Pro must be V2.0.0 and newer to properly sync your hardware wallet with the QR Watch-only Wallet. If the firmware version of your Cobo Vault is older than V2.0.0, please upgrade the firmware first.

You can click on the version number shown below to download the corresponding firmware. All firmware packages are from Cobo's Github and you can freely verify the checksum as required.

1. Multi-Coin Firmware Download

V2.7.0 (Multi-Coin)


2. BTC-Only Firmware Download

V2.6.1 (BTC-Only) (Upgrade from BTC-Only firmware)


V2.7.1 (BTC-Only) (Upgrade from Multi-Coin firmware)


Note: Please be aware that once the device upgrades from a multi-coin firmware to a BTC-Only firmware, the hardware wallet will not be able to switch back to the multi-coin version.

B. Steps for syncing

1. Turn on your Cobo Vault device and touch the [•••] icon > [Sync Watch-Only Wallet] to show the QR code.

2. Open the QR Watch-only Wallet and tap [Bind]. Please read the important notice carefully, then press the [Confirm] button.

3. Selet [I have read and agree…] and then press the [Confirm] button. Scan the QR code displayed on the Cobo Vault.

4.The QR Watch-only Wallet can now be used as the watch-only wallet for your Cobo Vault.

IV. Sending Cryptocurrencies(e.g. ETH)

1. Creating Transactions on the QR Watch-only Wallet

a. Choose an Asset and press the [Send] button.

b. Choose a payment address.

c. Enter the receiving address and the amount you would like to send. (Please enter a tag if required.)

d. Adjust the transaction fee if required. (Fees are charged by miners. If it’s an urgent transaction, we suggest you set a higher fee.)

e. Press [Send] and then [Confirm] after confirming the transaction details. The transaction information will be displayed in QR code format. (Do not exit this page.)

2. Signing Transactions with the Cobo Vault

a. Tap [Scan] on the top right of the main page. Scan the QR code displayed on the QR Watch-only Wallet.

b. Cobo Vault will obtain the transaction information once it is finished scanning the QR code.

c. Confirm the transaction information and press the [Sign] button.Verify the transaction with your password or fingerprint. The signing information will be displayed in QR code format.

3. Broadcasting Transactions on the QR Watch-only Wallet

a. Select [Scan QR code on Cobo Vault] on the QR Watch-only Wallet. Scan the QR code displayed on the Cobo Vault.

b. Confirm your [Broadcast] once you’re done scanning your signature.

c. Please note that if the receiving address hasn’t been saved in your address book, the QR Watch-only Wallet will jump to the address book after you broadcast your transaction. You can always decide whether you want to save the receiving address in the address book or not at this stage.

d. Go to the cryptocurrency page to check the status of the broadcasted transaction.

4. ETH RBF (Replace-By-Fee)

When using the Ethereum blockchain, every pending transaction is not final and could be replaced with a higher fee. The QR Watch-only Wallet supports RBF for ETH and ERC20.

Tap [Cryptocurrency] > [Accelerate] and adjust the gas price, and then select [Accelerate].

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