Rabby Wallet

Rabby Wallet, an EVM-compatible extension designed for Keystone Essential or Pro hardware wallets. Safely manage your ETH, ERC-20, and other assets with convenience and ease.

Firmware versions M-5.0 (Multi-Coin) or newer will allow you to use the Rabby Wallet Extension (V0.26.1 or newer) with your Keystone device by setting the extension as a watch-only wallet on your Keystone Essential or Pro.


1. A successful install of Firmware version M-5.0 (Multi-Coin) or newer on Keystone Essential or Pro.

(Please read Firmware Upgrading for more details.)

2. Download the Rabby browser extension (V0.26.1 or newer) from the official website of Rabby Wallet.

Don't maximize your browser when using Rabby Wallet.

II.Connecting Keystone to Rabby Wallet

1. Set up Your Rabby Wallet and connect with Keystone hardware Wallet

1) Disable any other Rabby extensions running on any other opened browsers other than the main browser you plan to use Rabby Wallet on. Doing so will prevent any potential errors from happening.

2) Run the "Rabby Extension". Click [Get Started] to begin your Rabby Wallet setup.

3) Create a password. Please try to set a strong one to maximize the security of your account. Then click [Next].

4) Pin all of your frequently used chains by clicking on the add symbol. Then click [OK].

5) Tap the "Menu" icon > then Tap [Software Wallet] > then Select [MetaMask / Defi / Web3] and Tap [Confirm] on the Keystone device.

Please note that if your firmware version is M-9.10 or newer, the connection process on the Keystone hardware wallet has been improved.

To connect your software wallet, simply tap on [Connect Software Wallet] and then select [Rabby]. The QR code will be displayed automatically.

For more information about the updated UI design, please visit Keystone's Revamped UI.

6) tap the icon on the top right corner of the toolbar > then select [Connect Software Wallet] > then choose the accounts that you are going to import and tap [Confirm].

7) On your Rabby Wallet, Select “Keystone” and scan the QR code on your Keystone device.

8) Click [OK] and your Keystone should now be successfully imported to Rabby Wallet. Feel free to browse around the Rabby Extension to familiarize yourself with its various functions and features.

III. Remittances with Rabby Wallet

1. Create a transaction on the Rabby Wallet extension.

1) Click [Send], then enter the destination address in the [Send to address] blank provided. Input the sending amount, then click [Next].

2) You can adjust the estimated gas fee amount to change the max fee or other changes.

3) After you’ve finished checking the transaction details, you will receive a security check warning prompt. Tap [Confirm] to display the unsigned transaction data in QR code format on your Rabby Wallet Extension.

4) Using your Keystone hardware wallet, choose “MM/Defi/Web3” mode and tap the barcode scanning icon on the first page near the battery display icon to scan the QR code displayed on the Rabby Wallet extension. Then tap [Sign] for the next step.

5) Enter your password after signing the transaction, then tap [Confirm]. A QR code will be displayed on your Keystone hardware Wallet.

6) Click [Get Signature] on your Rabby Wallet Extension. Then scan the QR code shown on the Keystone hardware Wallet to finish the transaction.

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